‘Marvel Rivals’ Free-to-Play Game Featuring Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, Magneto


Marvel Games' head, Jay Ong, expressed his excitement for "Marvel Rivals," describing it as one of their most ambitious game development projects. He emphasized the dedication and passion that the Marvel team has poured into the game since its conceptualization. Ong also expressed their enthusiasm for collaborating with NetEase Games, recognizing their incredible team and their joint effort in delivering the ultimate superhero team-based PVP shooter.

Thaddeus Sasser, the director at NetEase Games, highlighted the resemblance between superhero teams and families, emphasizing their tendency to unite against evil. In "Marvel Rivals," players have the opportunity to utilize team-up abilities with their friends and teammates, enhancing their attacks and defenses to turn the tide of battle. Sasser provided examples, such as Rocket Raccoon riding on Groot's shoulders or using Doctor Strange's portal power to aid the Punisher in firing his turret through it. He also mentioned that there are numerous known combinations and a few hidden ones, encouraging players to explore the game and discover them all to ensure their team's victory.

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